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Occupational and Work-Related Physiotherapy Caulfield South

If you have been injured in your workplace or during sport, visit Performance Physio today. Based within Caufield South, Lauren provides a thorough examination and from there helps develop an individualised treatment plan to help you recover from your injuries.

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Occupation Related Aches & Pains

Desk and computer related back and neck pain is extremely common and is treatable at Performance Physio. Elbow, wrist, shoulder and knee injuries are also a common problem whether you are sitting at a desk all day or standing behind a counter.

These types of injuries can be acute or often chronic in nature and require the correct treatment to heal them. It is crucial to consider the work environment and habits that may be contributing to the problem and to assess and address these too. This will prevent a recurrence of the problem. All these elements will be discussed and addressed at Performance Physio.

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