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Physiotherapist Caulfield South

Are you recovering from an injury and in need of physiotherapy? Contact Lauren at PERFORMANCE PHYSIO, Caufield South.

With over 10 years experience, Lauren specialises in sports, orthopaedics and rehabilitation physiotherapy.

The Right Physiotherapist

When you're experiencing physical pain or recovering from an injury, going to the right Physiotherapist is of great importance.

At PERFORMANCE PHYSIO, Lauren is a highly trained professional who provides treatment for people suffering from physical pains and injuries. She understands your situation and delivers the latest and best physiotherapy treatments required.

Contact her today to discuss the best physiotherapy treatment for you.

The latest and best Physiotherapy treatments

Physiotherapist Caulfield South
Physiotherapist Brighton

Physiotherapy – The Solution to Physical Pain

When chronic physical pain is a problem, physiotherapy is the solution. It is an effective tool against pain and injuries ranging from minor to major. Physiotherapy offers effective management plans that monitor and aid your progress in healing long term and chronic ailments.

With years experience, the owner and physiotherapist at PERFORMANCE PHYSIO, Lauren, identifies the root cause of your pain and treats it.

Contact PERFORMANCE PHYSIO today and book an initial consultation and assessment.

Treating The Cause Of The Pain



  • Highly personalised service
  • Modern, progressive approach
  • Professional one-on-one sessions
  • Sports Physio specialist
  • Family friendly environment
  • Hicaps / Credit Card / EFT Available
  • Medicare EPC, Veteran Affairs

Your recovery is her priority